Sunday, May 16, 2021

Stuff I Ate This week

 Hey everyone! Hope you are all well. I'm still planning on writing up a post on our adventure last weekend but this week got away from me. I don't have a ton of food to share with you but figured I'd pop in and say hello and show you the stuff I did get pictures of.

Photos may look a little different from now on because I finally got a new phone. My poor iPhone SE that I've had for like 3-4 years finally decided it had enough and basically decided it's no longer going to hold a charge or really even stay in one piece. I got another affordable phone (Samsung) and while I like the camera it is going to take some time to get used to.

Anyway, here is some stuff I ate this week:

Can you tell we like breakfast sandwiches? 😂 This was another delicious one with spicy beyond breakfast sausage, just egg, chao cheese, green onion (OMG add this to your next breakfast sandwich!) and ketchup on an onion roll. OMG so good.

I have been wanting lots of fruit lately so this was a quick working breakfast during the week.

You guys. Matt made these INCREDIBLE carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese frosting. I can't even describe to you how good they were. The nuts on top were perfect and added a nice crunch. Matt took a beautiful photo (as he does with a lot of his AMAZING meals) and if you want to see his delicious creations and beautiful photos definitely check him out on Instagram @i_said_vegan_not_healthy

We have both been craving nachos for a few weeks now and decided that we were going to make them this weekend (last night). These consist of tortilla chips, a Gardein beefless crumbles/black bean mixture, homemade nacho sauce that Matt made, Tofutti Sour Cream, salsa and green onion. They were DELICIOUS. We have some of the "meat" mixture left over for tonight and we are going to make tacos (NOMS).

A cute little heart that bubbled up after Matt blended the nacho cheese sauce. It was so cute and a really nice little surprise when he opened the lid.

I thought I'd share a pic of myself with Matt. This was from our hike/walk last weekend. Sorry for the weird halo thing, this was right before my phone died its sad death. We couldn't get McFly to look into the camera so you just get to see his back lol.

So that's all I have for you today. I'll try to take more pics next week of stuff I'm eating. We try to eat healthier during the week and eat what we want over the weekends so I'll try and show you more of the full range haha. Anyway, I hope you are all well and I'll check back in with you soon!


Hillary said...

Look at your cute little family!!!!
That nacho cheese sauce looks so incredibly creamy!

The Student-turned-Doctor said...

This looks amazing! As just about everyone knows, I love a fancy breakfast, and those pancakes look absolutely DELICIOUS. I can see how green onion would perk up a breakfast sandwich, too. I'm so glad you're eating well these days.

Susan said...

I love seeing your faces. :)
And what a fantastic name for an instagram account, his photos look amazing.
Welcome to the Samsung family. ;)

Em said...

The three of you are just adorable. Those pancakes look amazing.

VanessaKC said...

Hope y’all are still at it! Miss your posts