Sunday, August 27, 2017

Grocery Haul

Hey everyone! I hope that all is well and that you are all enjoying your weekend. I woke up this morning and headed over to Trader Joe's and probably grabbed the most random groceries ever but I'm pretty excited about my haul. I figured I'd share it with you along with an amazing Farmers Market purchase that I made yesterday.

I grabbed some sprouted tofu, sparkling limeade, grape tomatoes, bok choy, one GIANT potato, baby carrots and some romaine hearts.

There was also Inner Peas, Everything Pretzel Slims, Soy Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream, Fat Free Refried Beans, Slivered Almonds (for salad) and some Lavash.

I follow Macaron 5 Chic on social media (a local Macaron baker who sells at farmers markets) because she always makes one vegan flavor to sell at the market. I wasn't really planning on getting any this week (I just finished the chocolate mint ones that I froze from a few weeks/month ago) but when I saw the new flavor was Peanut Butter Chocolate I got in my car and ran over before work.

I got there just in time to grab the last 5 she had left! I was there around 8:30 and she had already sold out of the vegan flavor! That's amazing!

They are beautiful and she let me try one of the minis that she brings as samples and you guys. It is her best flavor yet!! So freaking good.

I was waiting for an appointment on Monday and used my phone's backward camera to make sure my makeup hadn't melted off of my face and decided to randomly take a picture of myself. As you know I don't take a whole lot of pictures of myself so I figured that's progress. My gray hair seems to be multiplying dramatically nowadays but it's looking kind of cool and highlighty. So here I am waiting for an appointment on a hot day (and my makeup had miraculously not melted, ha!).

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend! Tonight we are going out for a birthday dinner for my brother (his actually birthday was yesterday) and hopefully tomorrow will be mellow. What did you guys do this weekend as the summer is winding down?


  1. Your hair and those macaroons are equally gorgeous! :)

  2. Macarons are amazing, but you are stunning! Love this photo of you!

  3. Replies
    1. They are so good! I savor them slowly, I still have 4 left, ha!

  4. Woah, that's a big potato, haha! The peanut butter chocolate macarons sound like a really fun flavor! Cute photo! :)

    1. Haha it is huge! The chocolate peanut butter is amazing and she just decided to randomly try the combination out! Thank you! <3

  5. That is a massive potato. The Chocolate Cherry Soy Dream is the best deal on the planet.

    Lovely self portrait. You go, Girl!

    1. Right?! The potato was HUGE. I agree about the ice cream. It is so good, a really big container and a great price.

      Aww thank you!