Friday, May 17, 2019

Popping In

Hey you guys! I hope all is well. This week has been chock full of more craziness with more testing and stuff. I am going in for my follow up and full results on Monday but from what it seems so far I have no nerve damage (yay!) but two herniated discs in my neck. I also saw the word myelopathy on the screen with the MRI report but I guess we'll see on Monday. I've been completely drained all week and I'm hoping to be able to catch up a bit on rest this weekend. 

I don't have much to share today but I guess some is better than nothing, right?

On Wednesday I had the testing from 7:00am - 8:30 am so there definitely wasn't much time to do anything in the morning. I decided to take part in Sushi Wednesday and grabbed this beautiful, fresh sushi for $5. Can't go wrong with that.

My dad surprised me with some AMAZING watermelon. I'm shocked by how good it is, especially for this time of year.

I've been trying to be consistent with my art because it has been very therapeutic for me. It is a great distraction from my anxiety and other stuff that I deal with so I've been trying to spend some time every day working on it. This is a teeny tiny mixed media canvas that I made and I really love how it came out. I like working with these little canvases and I think I'm going to grab a bunch more because it is a great, manageable size for me to work with as I'm getting started and learning more about this particular type of art. 

That's all I have for you today! I hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know all of the fun things you have planned in the comments 😃

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Some Stuff I Ate and A Painting!

Hey you guys. I hope that you are all well and that you had a great weekend! I don't know why but it randomly got really cold again so I'm sitting here freezing and wishing I had some soup for lunch. I may stop at H-Mart on the way home to grab some tofu and green onions to make some because I'm definitely craving it in this cold, gray wether. Anyway, this weekend was more productive than relaxing which is fine, I just wish I had taken some more time to rest. I am exhausted and emotionally drained but I'm hoping after my neurological testing tomorrow things will calm down and I'll be able to rest a little more.

For today I have a few meals and snacks to share with you and also a painting that I started!

Last Friday I had my MRI at 7:00 in the morning. I was told to be there at 6:30 which was stupid because I got there at 6:30 only to sit there until 7:00. What a waste of time. Anyway, I needed a lot of coffee after so I went to our new Starbucks DRIVE THRU! I know it is lazy but I don't care, I was tired, ha! Anyway, I got an iced hazelnut soy latte. I always get a tall but this time I splurged on a venti and quickly realized why I don't get a venti. I drank about 3/4 of it and felt sick for the rest of the day but it did taste delicious. I'll just have to stick to the smaller sizes.

I made this trail mix as a tasty snack. It is raisins, chocolate chips and almonds. It reminds me of the flavors of a chunky bar which I actually used to like so I really love this mix.

I had another quick dinner of tots and nuggets and it was delicious.

Another favorite snack lately is an apple with almond butter. I like the maple seen here but the vanilla is my favorite and that's the one I'll be purchasing in the future.

Today was physical therapy day for my aunt so I grabbed a plain bagel with tofutti on the way to work after. Also delicious but I had to get rid of like half of the tofutti because it's a lot.

So I've been working on creating art when I can and I made this canvas that I'm really in love with. It is my first successful galaxy and I made a boomerang of it so you can see the star texture under the paint and the shimmer paint I used on top. I never share my art but I really love this and wanted to show you guys!

That's all I have for today! I hope you all have a great week and I'll see you on Friday 💜

Friday, May 10, 2019

What I Ate In A Day

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! I was up today at the crack of dawn for an MRI. I had to be at my appointment at 6:30 am so as you can imagine that was really fun. I'm glad that it's done and next week I have some more neurological testing to do. It's exhausting. But other than that things are the same. I'm hoping to get some cleaning done and to spend some time doing some art journaling since it is something I really enjoy. My friend is cleaning out her scrapbooking supplies and she is passing it along to me so I'm really excited about seeing what kind of goodies I'll be getting.

For today's post I took photos of a full day of eating to share. This day was actually a better day of eating with three actual meals. If I eat a salad for lunch I'm ok because they don't stick for too long so I'm usually ok for dinner later. Anyway, here is what I ate in a day!

For breakfast I had a bowl of oats with cinnamon, banana, slivered almonds and some raisins. This is my favorite topping combination for oats and this breakfast was seriously delicious.

For lunch I had a simple salad of granny smith apple, butter lettuce, slivered almonds and some Asian Vinaigrette from Panera.

A little later on I had the rest of the apple as a snack.

For dinner I had this delicious brown meal of Morningstar nuggets and tots. So yummy.

I was so full at the end of the day but all of the meals were so satisfying. Definitely a yummy day of meals. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, let me know about all of the fun things you are doing! See you on Tuesday 💜

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Grocery Haul and Stuff I Ate

Hey everyone! I hope that all is well and that you had a good weekend! Mine was pretty good, I actually decided to work on some art that I have been wanting to get to for a long time. It was really cathartic and felt really good to just devote some time to doing something that I love. I am always hyper critical of myself and my art but I learned this weekend that it is more about the process of creating and not the final outcome. It was pretty awesome.

In addition to that, I did end up heading over to Trader Joe's to grab some groceries. I braced myself for a nightmare and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't that crowded at all. I got there when they opened and it was an ugly, rainy day so I'm wondering if that deterred people from getting out of bed and heading over early.

Anyway, I have the haul to share as well as a few meals I enjoyed over the weekend.

For produce I got some zucchini, granny smith apples, cauliflower, butter lettuce, potatoes and carrots.

For grocery stuff I got some tots, inner peas, flax, raisins, dolma, corn and a dark chocolate bar.

I didn't have the time to make lunch one day so I ran next door to the deli and got some rice and beans and broccoli. She makes the best beans and she told me how she makes it so I definitely plan on making some at home!

For dinner one night I made a salad with the butter lettuce, a granny smith apple, slivered almonds and some Asian Vinaigrette from Panera. That is the best dressing to have with this salad!

I finally decided that this weekend I needed to try that Aldi chocolate cake.

So the cake is small (comparable to a Daiya cheesecake) but you don't need a lot to be satisfied. This cake is RICH and seriously delicious! I am really enjoying it, it's a great indulgence to have when you are having a chocolate craving.

I had to take my aunt to physical therapy this morning which means I got myself a pumpernickel bagel with tofu cream cheese from the bagel store on the way to work. Delicious as always.

So that's it for today! I hope you have a great week and I'll see you on Friday! 💜

Friday, May 3, 2019

What I Ate In A Day

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all doing well. I'm still trying to get back into my groove with cooking and being productive so meals have been blah lately but I am planning on going to Trader Joe's this weekend to get some fresh stuff back in my life. For now I'm just using what I have in the fridge, pantry and freezer. I figured I'd photograph my meals in one day and share them with you. Next week I should have a haul to share and some delicious meals using fresh foods.

For breakfast I had one of my favorite budget, pantry meals. I made some oatmeal with cinnamon, a banana and some slivered almonds. It was really delicious and quick to make and super filling.

For "lunch" I brought a granny smith apple and a packet of Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter. I LOVE this almond butter, the flavor is so good and it is perfect with an apple.

For dinner I made an individual flatbread pizza with some Daiya Cutting Board Shreds that I had. It was actually really delicious and satisfied the pizza craving that I had.

So that was my day of eating. Maybe not super exciting and definitely lacking in color and I can't wait to fix that. Do you guys have any fun weekend plans? Inspire me to do something 😂

Have a great weekend! 💜

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Random Stuff I Ate

Hey you guys! I hope that all is well. I am finally back home and getting back to normal. The stuff I have to share today is super random but I figured it was better than nothing 😀 I had a really nice relaxing weekend with lots of fuzzy snuggles with the fur babies that don't make me sick with allergies. I am still super tired because I never sleep much while I'm there and I had to take my aunt to physical therapy today at 7:30 am so I'm hoping I'll be able to lounge a little in the morning tomorrow. Other than that things are still pretty much the same!

It was nice and warm this weekend so I decided to treat myself to a bubble tea. I got my usual Peach Green Tea with bob a and 50% sweetness and it was delicious.

This was a totally random meal. I couldn't decide so I had a little it of everything 😂 I had some mini corn dogs, Morningstar nuggets, some veggie straws and grapes. I've been eating 2 meals a day recently just because my digestion is so bad I feel sick if I eat lunch. This was really delicious and just the random meal I wanted. The grapes were perfectly crisp and sweet too, super refreshing!

As I mentioned earlier I took my aunt to physical therapy today. I had to be out of the house at 6:50 am so I decided not to worry about breakfast and that I would treat myself to a bagel with tofu spread and that's what I did. It was delicious as always. I think this is going to be a weekly treat since I'll be taking her at 7:30am for the next two weeks as well and the thought of getting up any earlier sucks lol.

It was chilly today so I decided to use a Starbucks gift card I had since the holidays to get a hot drink. My go to Starbucks drink is a tall soy hazelnut latte and it is so good. I'm glad I stopped to pick one up!

I was not able to take too many pictures of the fur babies but I got this hilarious picture of TJ lounging on my tummy. He loves to crawl right up on me and snuggle and I am always here for it. Normally he is on his tummy but this time he was on his back and I thought it was too precious not to capture!

So that's all I have today! I hope you all had a great weekend! I'm trying to figure out my budget to see how much grocery money I have to play with in the future. I am going to be eating out of my pantry this week because it's just too tight right now. Hopefully I'll get some interesting meals going so I can share them with you on Friday!

Have a great week and I'll see you in a few days! 💜

Friday, April 26, 2019

Day Off

Hey guys. I hope all is well! I am taking a day off from writing a proper post because I just haven't been able to grab any content. I'm house sitting and still in the middle of an awful flare so I'm really exhausted. Taking care of 4 animals mid flare has been challenging and I haven't been sleeping so I just haven't had any spare energy to focus on anything blog related.

I do have one photo to share with you. For those of you that have been with me for a while you have seen my beautiful niece Delilah grow up. I haven't shared any pictures of her in a while and I have one of her from this vacation she is on and I wanted to share it with you to show you how much she has grown!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! She was just a baby!

Anyway, sorry I don't have more for you. I hope to have something for Tuesday. I'm planning on a Netflix binge and snuggling with the babies all weekend and I'm hoping that'll be the medicine I need to get back into my groove.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 💜