Saturday, December 2, 2017

Stuff I Ate

Hey everyone! I hope you are well! I made it a mission this week to at least take a few food pictures and I came through with it. There is not a ton of pictures but it'll give you an idea of what I've been eating lately. I've been having a lot of acid reflux issues lately so I'm researching the best foods to eat to try and minimize it and I have a pretty good plan. Hopefully what has been listed actually works but I'll be sticking mainly to fruits and veggies (no citrus, tomatoes or other acidic fruits), whole grains, etc. Hopefully these will be soothing to my system and I can get this all sorted out soon. Stay tuned, I'll be running to Trader Joe's tomorrow to pick up a few things so there will be a haul for you soon.

For dinner one night I made a tofu scramble with some spinach and it was delicious. I had wheat toast with Earth Balance and some clementines. The clementines were so delicious but a terrible decision and I paid for it. Sadly those will be my only citrus of the season :( It's a shame because oranges are my favorite.

I made some extra tofu scramble for my bento lunch the next day. Tofu scramble on the left and an apple and some almonds on the right. Really delicious.

I picked up some of my favorite hummus and enjoyed that with some whole wheat pita and veggies.

Finally, I also picked up some of my favorite red lentil soup. It was delicious.

So that's what I have for you today! I will be back on Tuesday to share a haul and probably some meals that I've had between now and then. I hope you have a great weekend! I will join you there in 7 hours :)


Julie said...

I love lentil soup; yours looks really good! I hope your food plan will work well for you!

vegan peace said...

So sorry about the acid reflux. I hope your food plan helps. Will it heal the reflux or will you have to avoid acidic foods forever?
Happy weekend!

Ingrid said...

Acid reflux is no fun! I hope this doesn’t mean the end of all acidic foods, but if that cures it - so be it, right? Your greens in the scramble look really vibrant! I’ve never had red lentil soup - I’ll have to try it!

P.S. No Chickenless Strips at TJs here. 😩

Jennifer Bliss said...

Great plates and bowls here! Try vegan candies with Malic Acid in them - I heard they are helpful for acid reflux

Sarah said...

The lentil soup was delicious! It is my favorite!

Sarah said...

Thanks, it is a struggle. I think I'm going to be careful for a while and then slowly add in some foods in moderation and see how my body takes it.

Sarah said...

This has been a nightmare. It's really stressful not knowing if what you are eating is going to make you sick. The soup was amazing and no!!! Your TJs needs to get it together! Although mine are sitting in my freezer and I can't eat them :(

Sarah said...

Thanks! Oh good to know!