Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Long Time No See

Hey everyone! I hope that you are well and that you enjoyed your holiday. I always love reading about the traditions that families have for the holidays and I've really been enjoying reading the posts that have popped up so far. We didn't really celebrate Hanukkah this year which was kind of disappointing but I've made it a mission to celebrate next year. My brother, sister in law and niece actually had a flight to catch Christmas night so we ended up just doing brunch with them at their house and I love watching Delilah open her gifts.

I know it has been a while since I've posted and I've just been pretty focused on my health right now. The medication I was given for my acid reflux has been amazing and I feel like a new person now. I can eat acidic foods and it doesn't really affect me (unless I forget the medication - more on this later). I'm really glad that I wasn't stubborn and decided to start the medication.

I don't have a lot of food to share at all but I'll show you what I do have!

I stopped by the Sweet To Lick (all vegan) Market a few weeks ago and forgot to share my haul with you. I haven't tried the gyros yet but I'm so excited to! The Follow Your Heart Shreds are definitely good but I'm not as in love with them as other people seem to be. I definitely plan on splurging on some Miyoko's Creamery products at some point but I'm very happy with everything I've tried so far from this haul.

The Saturday before Christmas I met up with my friend and her husband and we went out for Thai food for dinner and then went to see Pitch Perfect 3 (cute but not as good as the first two in my opinion). 

You guys. This was so freaking good. It was a thai eggplant dish and I subbed in some broccoli instead of bell peppers. It had tofu and string beans as well and the sauce was spicier than I anticipated. I had major reflux after this because I forgot to take my medication that night but honestly it was kind of worth it haha. It was delicious.

Because I don't have more food to share I thought it would be fun to share my Hanukkah and Christmas Eve planner layouts with you! I liked my smaller personal planner but missed the big vertical planner so I decided to switch back to the vertical style planner for the new year. I went with the Recollections planner which I got on major discount from Michael's and honestly it looks exactly like the Erin Condren when it's all laid out. Except I paid like $15 instead of the $70-$80 the Erin Condren would cost.

This is my super cute Hanukkah layout! The colors are so pretty but as you can see it is pretty squished.

The pictures do not do this layout justice. It is a foiled Christmas sticker kit and it is stunning in real life. This is the way I plan on laying out my stickers for the foreseeable future until I get annoyed by it, ha!

I just love how it is a planner and scrapbook at the same time.

If you like the stickers you see let me know and I'll be happy to tell you where I got them! The two kits are from Creating & Co. and the others are from a variety of Etsy shops.

I'm house/pet sitting this week so I'll do the best I can to get some fur baby pictures for you. I definitely plan on taking a nice bath on Sunday to relax after the week. I'm going to try to post again this week but the post I want to do requires some things from home… Maybe I'll just use internet pictures but we'll see.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! If I don't post before, please have a very happy New Year and stay safe that night! Thank you all so much for your continued love and support 💜


vegan peace said...

Great haul, I can't wait to see the gyro mixture!!
Your eggplant ish looks AMAZING!!
Glad the medication is helping with the acid reflux!!

Julie said...

Hooray for the medication working! Your dinner looks amazing, and your planner is so cute!

Jennifer said...

All vegan market!!! Lucky long islanders! Glad the medication is working for you.

Jennifer Bliss said...

What wonderful finds! I know what you mean about being stubborn about things I am like that too and going thru a lot of it now. I'm focusing on a couple things I hope to blog about in the near future as well. Glad your medications are working! The all vegan market sounds awesome and I have to say I'm jealous but in a good way! LOL

Ingrid said...

Aaaah! How cute is your planner spread?! Love it!

I am so excited to hear that the medication has made a complete turn around of your symptoms. How amazing!! Let there be pineapple and onions galore! Just maybe not together. Unless it was a sweet and sour situation. ;)

The Thai dish does sound amazing!

Happy New Year! <3

Sarah said...

Thanks, I can't wait to try the gyro! I need to make a tzatziki sauce because it's crucial ;) I also want to make vegan feta so I can have greek salad with it.

The eggplant dish was incredible! The medication is definitely helping. I'm trying to still be a little careful but luckily I don't need to cut all acidic foods.

Sarah said...

I know, I'm so excited that the medication works so well. I still have moments but it's a night and day difference.

Dinner was so good and thank you!!

Sarah said...

OMG I can't even begin to tell you how lucky I feel to have this market! They have so much hard to find stuff it's truly amazing. It's very pricey though so the trips are definitely a splurge.

Sarah said...

I am so stubborn. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't. I'm learning to give up some control and it's been beneficial for sure. The market is awesome, they get new products all the time too.

Sarah said...

Thank you!! I love the way it looks, I'm so happy to be moving back into the bigger planner. I just like the scrapbook feel to it.

The medication has definitely been a huge improvement for me. I'm not 100% but the difference is night and day. I am so glad that I wasn't stubborn and decided to go on the medication.

Omg the Thai dish was so good. That restaurant is amazing and so close to my bubble tea place!

Happy New Year! <3