Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trader Joe's Grocery Haul

Hey guys! I hope that you are all well and had a good week. Mine was incredibly busy which is why I didn't realize that I had nothing to post on Saturday until Saturday. I'm sorry I missed it but it happens sometimes. I'm currently at my brother's house just for two nights because my sister in law's grandma passed away and they had to fly out to Texas for the funeral. Her grandma lived a nice long life, she was about a month shy of turning 101 when she passed. She lived on her own into her 90s if I recall correctly. It's sad that she passed but like I said, she lived a nice long life.

I have a short post today with just a Trader Joe's grocery haul and a new product that I found. Check it out:

Two bags of shredded hash browns, baby spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, green onions, an avocado, apples (I think they are called Envy apples - I've heard good things and wanted to try them) and baby carrots.

Inner Peas, waffles, dried mango, lavash wraps, roasted seaweed snacks.

I didn't get these at Trader Joe's, I think I saw them at the regular grocery store but I thought they looked so good! I had tried them already when I took the picture and I really like them. The mint is subtle but still present. They also have a Double Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Macaroon and Cherry Chocolate Chip. These would be so good mixed into banana nice cream. I am definitely looking forward to trying the other flavors! If you can find these I'd definitely recommend them.

So that's what I have today! I'm going to try and get some pictures of my meals this week to show you on Saturday. Grapes must have been on sale because there were three bags at my house and I found three bags at my brother's house so there will definitely be a lot of grapes on the menu :) 

I hope you all have a great week! I think I decided that I will be posting on my second blog, Shine Bright In The Darkness, ever Sunday. I may add a second weekly post eventually but I think I'm going to stick with just Sundays for now. I just want to thank everyone that headed over there again for your support!


  1. 101, that is a long life!
    I miss the Lavash bread so much. It really makes the best wraps, you can fit a lot of stuff in them and they hold up well! I saw grapes for under a dollar a pound at a few groceries. Maybe it's grape season? I love the inner peas snacks, they're one of my favorites! I have never had a Lara Bar, mini or not!!

    1. She did live a long life.

      I am excited to try the Lavash from TJs. I haven't tried it yet but I see wraps happening next week. I guess there is an abundance of grapes because we had tons of them! Inner peas are the best and Larabars are so good! My favorite flavors for the bars are the Lemon, Key Lime and Coconut. So good.

  2. TJ's has vegan waffles???? They are the greatest place on earth.

    Sorry to hear about SIL's Grandmother, but at least Bro & SIL can up and go whenever they want without worrying about the fur children.

    1. Yes! They are the gluten free ones. They are really good.

      Yeah, it was sad but the family got together and honored her. Yes, they definitely have the freedom to go if they need to.