Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Stuff I Ate

Hey everyone! I hope that everyone in Irma's path made it through ok. I hope that the rest of you had a good weekend. Mine was good but quick, as always. Just need to get through 6 more work days until my trip to Orlando so I'm definitely getting excited about that. I made sure to take some pics of the more fun meals I enjoyed over the week and have them to share with you today.

I made a batch of my favorite rice bowl dish that has rice, tofu, green onion, sesame seeds and some seasoned seaweed. The whole thing is seasoned with low sodium soy sauce, a little agave and some garlic powder. It's so good. I got a few lunches out of this batch.

I held on to summer for just another second with this yummy boca cheezeburger topped with pickles and lettuce and served with a few chips.

Still on the prowl for a good mac n cheese. The texture of the cheeze sauce in this one is good but it definitely has a weird aftertaste. I am thinking that I may just have to make it myself.

I didn't have a chance to make lunch one day last week and my boss was out that day so I ordered the lunch special tofu with broccoli in garlic sauce. Less than $6 and lasts 2 meals. Can't get a better deal than that.

I did eat some greens including this delicious chick'n caesar salad that I made at home. I switch off between this and my apple, almond, craisin salad that I love.

On Sunday I went out to lunch with my family and we met up with my great aunt and our cousins and had a big group of 11 people. We ended up at a Steakhouse so as you can imagine I was expecting a salad if anything. Was I wrong. It was actually easier for me to find a meal to order right off the menu than some of the other places we've ended up over the years! I ordered a pasta dish with garlic and olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and amazing fresh broccoli. The dish pictured above was my leftovers. So delicious and just as good the second time.

So these are the more fun meals I've eaten this week. I'll keep on photographing so I can get some more food up before I leave next week. Of course I won't be posting until I come back but I'm going to do my best to take as many pictures as I can while I'm there!

If you guys are in Irma, Harvey or fire affected areas, please check in with us in the comments below! We want to know that you are ok!



Jennifer Bliss said...

Everything looks great! I recently found that Daiya Cheese Sauce, too! I grabbed the Alfredo one! Pretty darn tasty! I have to get the cheddar next, too!

Bianca said...

Omg, that "special tofu" looks AMAZING! And that Daiya mac is actually my fave boxed mac. Daiya even sells the sauce separately now too (I love it!). Good score at the steakhouse. There's a place here that Paul likes to go on special occasions (like his birthday), and they make a pretty awesome pasta primavera for me.

Ingrid said...

Lots of deliciousness going on here! I need to get a post up, but haven't had too much inspiration in the kitchen. You are reminding me of the options out there!

My friend and her family live south of Cap Canaveral, and she said they lost power and water for 12 hours on Sunday into Monday, and spotty cell service. And that was on the eastern side of the state. I can only imagine everywhere else! I'm also praying that we hear from Shen soon!

I'm sure there will still be remanents of the storm when you visit, but I hope you have a great trip! Well deserved! Have a great time!

Sarah said...

Thank you! Oh wow I didn't even know they made the sauce separately! I like the alfredo sauce much better than the cheddar. I'll have to see if I can find it!

Sarah said...

OMG it is so good! It's one of my favorite splurge meals. I love that the sauce is so creamy and I definitely need to see if I can find the alfredo sauce. I like it much better than the cheddar. I love when restaurants have vegan meals on the menu, I was surprised at how easy it was! I good pasta primavera is a great fallback!

Sarah said...

Thank you! I get into ruts a lot and use everyone else's blog for inspiration :)

12 hours isn't bad at all, how lucky! I'm glad that she made it out pretty unscathed. My friend in Orlando was out of power for 24 hours which is also quite lucky. He had no damage either. I know I check every day to see if she has checked in. I've been so worried.

Thanks! I'm leaving a week from today so hopefully things will be relatively normal again at that point. Although I'm going to spend time with my friend so as long as he is up and running that's all that matters.

vegan peace said...

That rice dish looks amazing!! And the tofu dish always makes me drool.
Chao makes a boxed mac and cheese now. I can only imagine that it's amazing! I think daiya has a weird aftertaste too.
I hope you have so much fun on your trip!!

Sarah said...

The rice dish is so good and so easy. I've heard about the Chao mac and cheese. I haven't seen it yet though!

Thank you, I can't wait to go!