Saturday, January 21, 2017

More Stuff I Ate This Week

Hey guys! I hope that you all had a good week and that you are enjoying your weekend so far! I have one last day of work today and then I have my two days of freedom :) I'm planning on decluttering some more and I'm excited because it feels good to clear out some of the old stuff that I no longer need. Do any of you have fun weekend plans?

So for today's post I'm going to show you some more stuff I consumed this week. It's been a pretty delicious week. I'm still not as diligent as I once was with photographing my meals but I'm doing a bit better and I'm at least catching some good highlights :)

First up, a few beverages!

I had won a Starbucks gift card in a Giveaway in December and I'm finally getting around the using it. This was a Tall Decaf Soy Hazelnut Latte. So good.

I also tried the Raspberry Lemon Kevita Kombucha. This flavor was ok but I'm definitely still feeling like the Pineapple Peach is my jam and I'm probably just going to stay loyal to that one.

For dinner one night I had a Vegan Chicken Ranch Wrap (TJs vegan chick'n tenders, tomato, greens and some Just Ranch) with some corn tortilla chips and unpictured salsa.

I am not typically a pasta person but I was craving it one night this week so I made some Gluten Free pasta with tomato sauce. This actually made a lot so I didn't eat the whole bowl and had some for lunch the next day.

I went back to the Bagel Store this week and got a Cinnamon Raisin bagel with Tofu Cream Cheese for breakfast one day. So good.

I finally tried the Chocolate Covered Cocomels. I don't know how I feel about them. They were ok, had a great texture but I guess I just wanted to like them more. 

I finally used my Bento Box this week! I'm going to collect some pictures as I use it more and do a special post but I wanted to show you the first use! In the box on the left is peanut butter on whole grain bread cut into little strips to fit in the box, some Lemon Energy Bites and some carrots. In the right box I was craving fruit to snack on throughout the day so I cut up a large pear and a half of an apple. Not bad for my first Bento Box meal using this box!

I mentioned in my last post that Delilah got her ears pierced! I decided to get her some earrings for Valentine's Day and I found this adorable pair!. How cute are they?! I'm so excited to give them to her along with some more fun goodies :) 

I had shown you guys in this post that my friend gave me an awesome journal as part of my holiday gift this year. Her timing was impeccable because I had decided that I wanted to start journaling this year as a way to get my emotions and thoughts out and onto paper. Well, I started writing in it and while it was a bit weird at first (the first few entries, yikes!) I feel like I've gotten used to it and I've been really loving it. I write in it almost daily and whenever the mood strikes. It has been really effective in helping me acknowledge things that I have going on or just a way to record my thoughts before they disappear. I would definitely recommend journaling as a way to get in touch with your feelings, emotions and thoughts. 

So that's what I have for your today! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back on Tuesday! <3


  1. That chicken-less wrap looks delicious! I love your bento box lunch! So much cuter than a paper bag lunch!! Delilah is going to love those gorgeous earrings!!

    1. Thank you! The wrap was so good and so was the bento box! I agree, definitely much cuter and less waste if you aren't using plastic or foil. The earrings arrived yesterday and they are even prettier in person! I love them!

  2. You are torturing me with those Bagels and Cream Cheese! Yes, I can make my own at home, but I want to have it made for me professionally! Thank you for at least partaking for those who cant.

    Hard to believe the Cocomels didnt Wow you. Perhaps Caramel wasnt something you missed since becoming vegan.

    A separate blog called 'Vegan Bento Box' may be in order.

    Those are cute earrings. Guess Delilah is too young for hoops;-) Maybe next year.

    The journalling does sound positive.

    1. I know I'm sorry!! You'll just have to come to NY one day :) I like it partake because it is delicious but also because I like to create demand for the vegan cream cheese so they keep serving it!

      I was never a big caramel person I guess so it was definitely something I could live without. I think I was just excited because everyone raves about them but I've had that happen before when I'm expecting something to be the best thing ever and I don't like it. The thing that comes to mind is Kite Hill Yogurt… everyone freaks out about it but I thought it was cloyingly sweet and inedible.

      I don't think I have enough content for a separate blog but I will definitely be posting more Bento Box ideas.

  3. Hazelnut syrup is the way to go for lattes! I recently discovered Yerba Mate Lattes at a local spot...yum!

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to not have much pasta cause I enjoy it! Ha ha! It looks good, and I am putting a little pasta into a soup I'll be eating this.

    Hooray for bento boxes! I picked up some stuffed grapes leaves for snacking this week (on sale!), but I'm not fully prepared for the Mediterranean bento box that would need to happen...

    Love the earrings, and I love that you've found journaling!

    1. Yes! I love hazelnut, so much better than vanilla in my opinion ;) Pasta in soup is delicious, can't wait to see it!

      Yay for stuffed grape leaves! I really want to try and make them at home just for fun. One day I'll do it.

      Thanks, I've been loving the journaling!