Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Stuff I Ate

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all doing well. I'm not going to lie I'm not mad at the warm weather we had for a little while there. Did you guys get to enjoy that too? I was kind of loving it but I'll have to admit I've been super lazy with meals which you will see in the pictures below. I'm definitely going to get back on track with cooking and eating fresh food next week but I still wanted to share all of the processed (delicious) stuff I got pictures of (to be fair I did eat fresh food but just didn't get pictures of it).

I've actually been eating these a bit and I love them. These are the MacDougall's Miso Ramen Cups and I love these. I know the cup meals can be hit or miss but I think that they do a really good job with the Ramen Cups and these are perfect for a quick, warm meal.

I made some mac n cheese using the Wayfare cheddar cheese that I got my last grocery trip. The texture is great but the flavor is a little bland so I added a little salt, pepper and garlic powder and it helped so much. I really want to try making queso dip with it so that will be my next dish with this product.

I made a pizza bagel one night because who doesn't love a pizza bagel?!

I went and got a bubble tea on Sunday because it was pretty warm out and I could justify leaving my house for a cold beverage. Got my usual and it was delicious as always. 

Last night I was craving breakfast for dinner so I went to my frozen waffle stash and pulled out half of a banana chocolate chip and half of a blueberry corn because why make decisions? It was freaking delicious.

Here is my planner layout for this week. The picture doesn't do it justice because it is foiled with silver foil and absolutely stunning.

First half of the week. I will fill in the white spaces as I go.

Second half. So freaking pretty.

So that's my post for today! I will be back at some point with fresh food. I'm really excited to start cooking again and stop being lazy. I am excited to share my meals with you as well so stay tuned! If I don't see you this weekend I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Ingrid said...

So cute! I love the planner pages for the week.

Warm weather certainly does make the difference. I haven't had a bagel pizza in FOREVER!! Aaaah! Now I want one. ;)

Julie said...

I haven't had the miso ramen cup in a while, but it's definitely one of my favorites! And pizza bagels are always great! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you! I really love the way it came out! I'm so happy I decided to go for this planner, it is perfect for me.

Haha go for the pizza bagel! It would be perfect for the Super Bowl!

Sarah said...

Right, isn't it so good?! I love it for a quick meal and it really isn't bad for you. Certainly way better than most packaged ramen cups. Pizza bagels are so fun!

Anonymous said...

That food looks delicious!

Sarah said...

Thank you!!