Friday, May 18, 2018

Fun Friday: Self Care

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all doing well! Today's post will be a little different because it's not vegan centered per se but it is a topic that I do think is really important. As I've mentioned before, I deal with mental illness and have discovered how truly important self care is. I'm very guilty of not engaging in self care very often and as my plate becomes even more full I realize how important it is to take the time to relax and recharge and to do something for myself. I thought it would be good to discuss the idea of self care, some of my favorite forms of self care and I would love to hear what you do for self care!

As I've mentioned above, my plate has become pretty full. I have a full time job, run two blogs, and I'm currently in the process of starting a business (have I mentioned that here?). When I come home from work I go back to work. There are rare moments where I take time for myself but I don't do it nearly enough. It is currently something I'm working on and I'm trying to fit in more time to rest, relax and just take a moment away from the grind.

So, here are some of my favorite forms of self care!

Quite possibly my single favorite form of self care is to completely unplug for a little bit. Even if it is just an hour I enjoy every second of that quiet time. This means no phone, no texts, no social media, no e-mail, NOTHING. It is my favorite form of quiet to be honest. As much as I love being connected to everyone I think we all need a break every now and then. In addition, I tend to pull random inspiration from random things so being connected means I'm constantly brainstorming and working. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but these sources of inspiration will still be there an hour or two later. So, if I can recommend one thing to you it would be to unplug for a little bit, enjoy the quiet and engage in your passions completely uninterrupted.

Another one of my favorite things to do to take some time to myself is to just go for a drive. I definitely have to be in the mood for this since driving can cause a lot of anxiety for me but it is one of my favorite things to do when I just need to get out and away for a minute. I'm incredibly lucky to live so close to the North Shore of Long Island which boasts some of the most incredible scenery, history and property that I have ever seen. There is one spot that I have been going to since I was a teenager and it remains my number one place to go when I need some time to myself. It will turn my mood around without fail and driving also goes hand in hand with unplugging. I do not believe in talking on my phone (hands free or not) or texting (duh) while driving so being unplugged is a given. I highly recommend taking a ride when you feel like you need some time to yourself and to clear your head.

I mean we can't go through a self care post without mentioning that you should treat yo self to a great meal and/or dessert. It's not a matter of health or having a "cheat meal," it's a matter of sitting down to a favorite meal or treat and enjoying it. Healthy food is delicious and unhealthy food is delicious and your favorite meal or sweet can be healthy or unhealthy. The important thing is that it is your favorite thing and you should be able to enjoy your absolute favorite dish every once in a while. Some examples that I have shared above are a Rocky Road bar from the Sweet To Lick Bakery and the bottom is a mixed veggie Thai dish that I enjoyed with my friends around the holidays. Sometimes you just need to shed the "rules" and enjoy something because you want to enjoy it. I try to do this once a week. I also include my bubble tea in this section. I try to go every week in the summer and when I feel like it otherwise.

Have a movie night! I specifically chose a movie night because it is the best way to truly lose yourself for a few hours and allow yourself to be part of another world. This is something that I'm actually planning to start and I'm hoping to do it once a week. I'm a Netflix kind of girl so I'll be staying home in my movie night and I think that the comfort of being home in PJs watching a movie is the perfect way to take a moment to yourself and a break from everything going on.

When I was younger I was an avid reader. I would stay awake all night to finish a book and I would read book after book. I fell out of the habit as I got older but I've recently been putting my library card to work and I've gotten back into the hair of reading. The idea is similar to the movie night idea and you are able to escape and go to a different place for a while. It can also challenge you, provide comfort and take you on adventures you never could have imagined. I would highly recommend taking the unplugging advice as well and allowing yourself some uninterrupted reading time so you can really get into the story.

Another form of self care that I love is to take a relaxing bath. Candles are great for enhancing the experience as well as scented bath products. Aromatherapy can be so helpful and so relaxing so to include that in your bath experience is really amazing. I think you definitely have to be a "bath person" to enjoy this but it can be one of the most relaxing experiences. I don't get to indulge in baths as often as I would like but I always love them when I do.

The final form of self care the I practice all the time is journaling. I can say that journaling has been so helpful to me particularly in my mental health journey but also just in general. I feel better all around when I am consistent with my journaling and if I fall off course there is a major difference in how I feel. It is a really great way to get everything out and to let it go and move on and you are also taking the time to explore your thoughts and feelings in a way that you won't be able to when you are distracted. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post about self care. It was relevant because I am planning a self care night tonight because I really just need a few hours to recharge. I am planning on sharing what I did in my post on Tuesday!

Until then, please comment below what you love to do for self care! I would love to get a ton of ideas for people to be able to reference for their own self care.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 💜


Bianca said...

All awesome suggestions!! I probably indulge TOO much self-care these days, but no shame! Ha! Paul lives in Nashville part-time, so I get a lot of ME TIME, and that means I'll go night after night taking baths and coloring and reading and watching Netflix.

Glad you're able to find a little time to do these days for YOU!! And starting a business??? I can't wait to hear more! Good luck with that!

Panty Buns said...

Unplugging sounds like a great idea. I spend way too much time online myself, and I don't even have a wireless device - only a desktop! I like your ideas for self-care. I'm afraid I have been neglectful in that regard, with the sole exceptions that I do take some time to look out over the water and also to watch a few TV shows and movies on NetFlix. I love movie nights (at home). I just visited the Sweet To Lick Market's website and checked their location. It looks nice but they (and I would imagine you) are way, way, way to the West of me. I wonder if there are any nice stores like that closer to me? I'll have to investigate.The North shore of Long Island is pretty. I also like the East End. I like Provisions in Sag Harbor (on the South Fork) but the parking there is difficult, especially with "the season" approaching.
I really must get a bathtub working again. I miss taking baths - I think they would be good for both my physical and mental health.
Best wishes with your business!

Sarah said...

Aww thank you! Haha there is no such thing as too much self care! Enjoy those baths and books and netflix :) Especially if Paul isn't there!

Thank you! I'm trying! I can't wait to share more with you guys!! Very soon ;)

Sarah said...

Unplugging is seriously the best. It's nice to have some quiet. I definitely recommend stepping away from the computer at least one night a week and having some time for yourself.

Looking out at the water is so amazing. I wish I could get out there more! Hopefully you'll be out here at some point so you can stop at the market and the bakery. They are both amazing! I can imagine it is difficult to get around the East End in the summer!

I hope you are able to take your baths soon!

Thank you!