Monday, August 12, 2019

Vegan MoFo 2019: Aldi Product Taste Test!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all well! Today's post is going to be the Aldi taste test I promised in my Aldi Haul post! I got a few fun things that I had never tried before so I figured I'd review them here for you and let you know what I thought!

Also, I apologize in advance for my nail polish 😂

The first thing I had to try was the RANCH HUMMUS!!! Yes, I know I always type it in all caps but it's ranch hummus! How can you not!? I was very excited to try this and it did not disappoint! It is so delicious, definitely has a ranch flavor and the only thing that is disappointing to me is that there was only one left so I couldn't load up on them. It is delicious and it seems like they do bring it back every once in a while so if you happen to see it, grab it!

Up next I tried the Fudge Mint Cookies from Benton's. I had heard from The Vegan Zombie on YouTube that this brand has some vegan cookies so I grabbed the Fudge Mint ones because who doesn't love a Thin Mint? I immediately put mine in the freezer because that is the only way to eat these cookies. They are exactly what I wanted them to be, a crunchy, delicious minty chocolate cookie. I love these and they were perfect for a chocolate craving.

This is actually from my previous trip to Aldi. I have discussed it here before but I thought it was worth mentioning again to bring it all together in one post. This is the Chocolate Brownie dessert hummus. It is the first dessert hummus I tried and it was delicious! I wouldn't be mad at it if they added a little more chocolate to it because it was a little light on the chocolate flavor but it was incredibly delicious and certainly made me excited to try the Vanilla Flavor! I tried this with a graham cracker and loved the pairing.

Finally, I have the Vanilla Bean hummus. IT'S SO GOOD YOU GUYS!!! It has a really strong vanilla flavor which I really like. I tried mine with a pretzel because it's all I had but I really want to eat it with strawberries. I think that would be so delicious. I highly recommend trying dessert hummus and I think that the vanilla definitely packs more of a flavor punch than the chocolate. Both are really delicious though, you can't go wrong with either!

So there are my thoughts on some of the new products I've tried from my latest trip to Aldi. I really love their products and will try to get there quicker the next time I hear about new products coming out. I wish I could have tried the ice cream and ravioli but I missed out this time. Next time I'll make sure I don't!

I hope you all have a great day! I'll be back with another MoFo post! 💚


Becky @ Vegan Beckles said...

Wow, you have so much more in your ALDI than in the UK one. I'm not sure how to feel about dessert hummus though...

J said...

I definitely need to keep an eye out for all these goodies the next time I'm at Aldi! The vanilla bean hummus sounds amazing!

The Student-turned-Doctor said...

You may have given me the courage to try dessert hummus! I have seen it sometimes but it sounded so wrong I never tried it.

Susan said...

The dessert hummus just appeals to me so much! I've never seen any of it for sale here (I think Australia is a bit more conservative in flavours sometimes compared to the US!), but I have seen some recipes so I'll just have to make it.

Sarah said...

Becky: It has SO MUCH STUFF! The dessert hummus is amazing, you don't taste the chickpeas at all, it is just a sweet dip!

Julie: Yesss!!! Try it all! :)

The Student-turned-Doctor: Yay, try it!! It's just a sweet dip, it's really good. I love it!

Susan: I was going to just make it myself until I found it at Aldi. I bet it would taste even better made fresh! I hope you get to try it and that you love it!!

Bianca said...

Okay, I MUST get out to Aldi this weekend!!! And you are so right about Thin Mints. They MUST be frozen! I'm sort of on the fence about dessert hummus (I had some Lilly's chocolate hummus once and it was meh). But I'd be willing to try the vanilla!

Sarah said...

Bianca: Yay, go to Aldi! It's so good! And yessss, frozen thin mints are the best! I'd love to know how you like the vanilla if you try it!

Jennifer said...

I recently saw Trader Joe's has a chocolate hummus! And it is cheaper (I think) I like it a little more.